Mia Bella Turns One

It was a beautiful, hot Miami day for Mia Bella’s first birthday session.  I’ve been photographing her sister for a while now and I just loved being able to see them together and spend some time with the Pino Family.  I must say, I have a great vibe/way with kids but Mia Bella gave me a run for my money and tested all my child skills lol.  I thought I was funny too, apparently not to Mia LOL!! She was one tough cookie but in the end I WON! She gave me some adorable smiles and I just loved it.  After the beach we headed to the studio and took some of her smashing a little cupcake. Here are a few of my favorites!

2015-07-02_0002 2015-07-02_0003 2015-07-02_0004 2015-07-02_0005 2015-07-02_0006 2015-07-02_0007 2015-07-02_0008 2015-07-02_0009 2015-07-02_0010 2015-07-02_0011 2015-07-02_0012 2015-07-02_0013

Ava Victoria Turns 3 | Miami Beach Session

If I wished for a beautiful day with blue skies and an amazing sunset lighting, it would look just like this!  My gorgeous niece Ava just turned 3 in June. She has the biggest and funniest personality and I just love her to pieces.  I am so blessed and thankful God has given me the gift of freezing time.  Mommy & Daddy along with our family can treasure these moments forever. We all know time passes too fast.  I enjoyed being creative with her session!  She is beautiful, healthy and very much loved.  I wish you many more wonderful birthday’s Ava. Tia loves you mucho!

2015-07-01_0001 2015-07-01_0002 2015-07-01_0003 2015-07-01_00042015-07-01_0023 2015-07-01_0005 2015-07-01_0006 2015-07-01_0007 2015-07-01_00082015-07-01_0025 2015-07-01_0009 2015-07-01_0010 2015-07-01_0011 2015-07-01_0012 2015-07-01_0013

I seriously can’t deal with her!!!2015-07-01_0014 2015-07-01_00152015-07-01_0026 2015-07-01_0016 2015-07-01_0017 2015-07-01_0018 2015-07-01_00192015-07-01_0027 2015-07-01_0020 2015-07-01_0021 2015-07-01_0022

Janelle + Family | Maternity Session

I have been photographing Janelle and her beautiful family since they were expecting their first baby Jayleen last  year.  I’ve watched her grow for almost a year now and she will now be a big sister soon! I’m so excited for them and I can’t wait to meet their bundle of joy. When I say fun, I mean we had LOTS OF FUN and laughs during their session. I truly have the best clients!

2015-06-15_0046 2015-06-15_0047 2015-06-15_0048 2015-06-15_0049

I swear I don’t hide behind bushes and make funny jokes/noises to make you laugh…lol!2015-06-15_0058 2015-06-15_0051 2015-06-15_0052 2015-06-15_0053 2015-06-15_0054 2015-06-15_0055 2015-06-15_0057

Paula + Gustavo | Engagement Session

A few months back when I met with Paula & Gustavo they opt out of their Engagement Session.  But as the time got closer they decided to do one and I was thrilled!  Its an awesome way to get to know each other better before the big day! They will be having a 4th of July Wedding and I can’t wait to see them tie the knot.  We laughed, we talked and even did a little dancing :)  Here are a few of my favorite from their session!

2015-06-02_0001 2015-06-02_0002 2015-06-02_0003 2015-06-02_0004 2015-06-02_0005 2015-06-02_0006 2015-06-02_0007 2015-06-02_0008 2015-06-02_0009

What else do you do when you see a sign that says “DANCE”? ;)
2015-06-02_0010 2015-06-02_0011 2015-06-02_0012 2015-06-02_0013


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