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No matter how big your dreams may feel, never think it’s not possible to make them come true.  I’m sure you’ve probably heard me say ‘I can’t believe this is my job’ many times.  I have accomplished so much in just seven little years but still have so much more to learn and grow.  With growth comes a lot of ups and downs and for me one of the those downs was space!  I really wanted to have a space for my business that I can call my own, I wanted a studio!

With the help of my super supportive husband we finally made space in our home.  I wanted to give my clients a comfortable setting. It was one of 2015 goals to some how make it happen and we did!  I am super excited to finally share my new ‘home-studio’ space with  you all.  It’s a place where I can work and create beautiful memories.  This is just one step closer to my dream studio one day, a dream studio with lots of natural light and a lot more space.  Those dreams will soon become a reality.  But for now, here’s a little glimpse to my very own studio space!

2015-04-22_0028 2015-04-22_0031 2015-04-22_00322015-04-22_0029 2015-04-22_0030

James | 2nd Birthday

One of my favorite times to shoot is during golden hour.  For James second birthday session we had the most beautiful lighting ever.  He was a little ball of energy and I just loved capturing him in the moment.  Such a cutie pie! Here are a few of my favorite from his session.

2015-04-22_0001 2015-04-22_0002 2015-04-22_0003 2015-04-22_0004 2015-04-22_00052015-04-22_00092015-04-22_0006 2015-04-22_0007 2015-04-22_0008

Matthew’s First Birthday

I’ve known Marcia for many years now, we wen to school together and it was great reconnecting with her.  I had the pleasure of doing Matthew’s Newborn Session and here we are a year later doing his first birthday! Since Daddy works for the Cubs of course we just had to incorporate baseball and no other team then the Cubs ;)  We had so much fun during the session.  Cutest little slugger! Here are a few of my favorite!2015-04-21_0038 2015-04-21_0039 2015-04-21_00402015-04-21_00422015-04-21_00412015-04-21_0043 2015-04-21_0044 2015-04-21_0045 2015-04-21_0046 2015-04-21_0047


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