Linda + Antonio | Wedding 5.9.2015

I really love weddings! It’s the reason I started my photography business. It’s such a magical day full of love! No matter how big or small your wedding day is, it’s a day you never want to forget.  Linda & Antonio’s intimate wedding was so simple and elegant.  So many little beautiful details that made it feel anything but small.  The ceremony and reception were held at The W Hotel in Fort Lauderdale .  She looked absolutely radiant and her smile was from ear to ear. Antonio looked sharp! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day.  It was an honor to document and capture your special day!

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Wedding Vendors:

Wedding Coordinator: Maureen C.Weddings & Events

Hair & Makeup: Just Naivi

Flowers: Nery’s Flowers

Deserts + Cake: Sugar Me Not by Anais

Monica + Joey | Engagement Session

I just love Engagement Sessions! It’s such a great way to connect and get to know each other better before the wedding day.  Monica & Joey were so easy to work with. We laughed, giggled and even realized Monica and I went to the same high school, how cool!  Their 14 years of friendship really shined through.  Marrying your best friend is truly a blessing.  They will be having a destination wedding (bummer) and I wish them many years of love and happiness.  They wanted to incorporate some cute props into their E-Session which I loved!   Here are some of my favorite from their Session!

2015-05-11_00042015-05-11_0005 2015-05-11_00202015-05-11_00072015-05-11_00082015-05-11_00092015-05-11_00102015-05-11_00112015-05-11_00122015-05-11_00132015-05-11_00142015-05-11_00152015-05-11_00162015-05-11_00182015-05-11_00172015-05-11_0019

The Studio | Elizabeth Garay Photography

No matter how big your dreams may feel, never think it’s not possible to make them come true.  I’m sure you’ve probably heard me say ‘I can’t believe this is my job’ many times.  I have accomplished so much in just seven little years but still have so much more to learn and grow.  With growth comes a lot of ups and downs and for me one of the those downs was space!  I really wanted to have a space for my business that I can call my own, I wanted a studio!

With the help of my super supportive husband we finally made space in our home.  I wanted to give my clients a comfortable setting. It was one of 2015 goals to some how make it happen and we did!  I am super excited to finally share my new ‘home-studio’ space with  you all.  It’s a place where I can work and create beautiful memories.  This is just one step closer to my dream studio one day, a dream studio with lots of natural light and a lot more space.  Those dreams will soon become a reality.  But for now, here’s a little glimpse to my very own studio space!

2015-04-22_0028 2015-04-22_0031 2015-04-22_00322015-04-22_0029 2015-04-22_0030


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